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Whether you’re a budding photographer, a post-production wizard, a marketing maven, or a creative visionary, there’s a place for you in our family. We’re committed to providing an environment that nurtures talent, encourages growth, and celebrates achievements.

Job Description:

Job Title: Sr.Fashion Stylist
Job Location: Kalyan(W)
Qualification Required: Bachelor’s degree or certified course in Styling
Working Days: 6 Days (Monday-Saturday)
Experience: 2-3 yrs
Job Type: Full time

Job Application

Join the Studio Vedanggraphy Team – Unlock your Photography & Videography potential in the field of E-commerce

Become a Model

Studio Vedanggraphy is looking for aspiring models

Girls aged 16-28 with a minimum height of 172cm / 5’7.5

Boys aged 16-28 with a minimum height of 184cm / 6’0

Send your latest polaroid to, with clear photos showing your face and body.

Include the following information:

Age | Height | Bust | Waist | Hips | Contact number

If you have portfolio pictures, please include them, along with a polaroid of you wearing no makeup.

*Please do not contact us regarding your application, we will reach out if you are successful. Also, ensure that your image files are under 600kb in size.

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